Saturday, 12 December 2009

Day 8 - International Day of Action in Copenhagen

Dawn arrived and was ignored as we enjoyed a much needed lie after a week of a rigorous schedule off wake up calls (no, really). While Dougal and Lorraine checked out a Greenpeace demo, Ben and Lucy dragged themselves out of bed to make it in time for the Global Day of Action, leaving from Christiansbourg Castle and heading all the way to the Bella Centre.

Despite finally being off our bikes, it still felt extremely cold, and we stood around and shivered for a bit until everyone finally started walking. For some reason the organizers insisted on placing each party in a queue, calling out each groups name. We dutifully waited our turn, expecting to be called out in between the likes of Greenpeace and Oxfam in order of importance, only to discover that the our four man crew weren’t mentioned at all! Shocking, I’m sure you will agree.
Despite this, we ambled our long way to the Bella Centre, narrowly avoiding being caught in this nasty scuffle and kettle:

Check out a video of the incident on facebook here: – we certainly didn’t see anything to provoke that kind of response from the police

Our long march to the Bella Centre finally paid off when we arrived after long hours of walking and chanting. By that time it was completely dark, and after listening to some of the speeches decided to head back, walking the full distance back again as the metro was completely full.

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