Saturday, 12 December 2009

Day 7 - Ringsted to Copenhagen

Day 7

The final push (90km) to Copenhagen! We left bright and early joined by the German students. The weather was bright and sunny. Spirits were high! We made good speed. Having the extra numbers some how increased the average speed and prevented too many stops. Maybe it brought out a competitive spirit in us all or maybe we were simply eager to get to Copenhagen – probably the latter! The ride was steady and uneventful. We met a man on the outskirts of the city who informed us that police had kettled a group of protesters on a bridge. We passed some beautiful scenery reminiscent of our training trip to Norfolk, but all the while made excellent time, stopping just once for 15 minutes or so to grab some food and figure out our route for the next route.

The weather turned later in the day, and it got cold in quite major way. After a seemingly endless series of small cycle lanes in the outskirts of Copenhagen, we finally found ourselves on a major road heading into the city! We rolled our way down the incredibly crowded cycle lanes, getting in the way of the local riders with our massive panniers and wobbly steering, not to mention dodgy brakes.

Arriving at the station, we said goodbye to our German friends, promising to swing by their boat and meet later in our stay here. We were also met by a friend of Lucy’s, Dr. Christopher High, who congratulated us on our ride, before we headed off to find our accommodation, safe in the knowledge that our journey was practically over. We turned up on the doorstep of Martin, a friend of Dougal’s who was kindly putting two of us up for our time here; Marlene was putting up the other two of us.

Martin made us feel very welcome, plying us with food and drink, and we had a healthy supper there before we split up with two of us heading over to Marlene’s apartment. Leaving our stuff there, we headed out on our bikes, which felt very fast with no panniers on! We found a trendy French wine bar, and enjoyed a beer (despite the six page wine list) before heading back to our respective hosts for the first nights sleep where we did not need to get up again the next day.

The amazing takeaway we got food from:

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