Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Day 5 - Fredericia to Odensee

We had the noble intention of setting off bright and early. However a brief peek out of the hostel window revealed an interesting site - it seemed we had been transported into Gulliver's travels. - there was a miniature village next to the hostel,

which we delighted in setting up all sorts of ridiculous camera shots in.

We got going, and in our guilt to make up all the time spent faffing around in the village, we nearly flattened a large group of german pensioners - many cries of 'Schnell, schnell, the British are coming!'

We passed over the older of Middlefarts two bridges, in a day dense with fog, and cycled down a long wooded track, onto the coast of Fynen, and up onto Cycle Route 6. This track was particularly pleasant; long, rolling hills that reminded us of the english countryside, winding through fields and wind turbines, all poking out through the mist.

Lucy knees continued to hurt, so we had to add more frozen raspberries to Lucy's knees in order to get her all the way to Odense. We decided that if Lance Armstrong had to put frozen fruit on his knees, he would probably choose raspberries.

Having passed through the scenic side of Fynen, we entered some dark and wooded part of the track, rather like the blair witch project - and were even more put off by the thoroughly confusing signage in the woods - no love for the Danish cycling route administration, who caused to have endless debates about which route to take.

We finally found ourselves on the outskirts of Odense, rather cold and quite damp. We brought a couple of cakes and bottles of wine for our hosts - the lovely Mads and Sarah, who we arrived at about 6, earlier than any other day. Mads and Sarah were both couchsurfers, and it turned out had hosted over 50 people in their time. Mads had googled Lucy after not seeing a profile pic or references on her couchsurfing, and read all about The Carbon Cycle; impressed with our mission, he arranged for a local newspaper to send a journalist and photographer to do a piece about us tomorrow morning - what a legend! After a wonderful meal cooked by Mads and Sarah, we interviewed the pair of them, who both made excellent, articulate subjects with English that put ours to shame.

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