Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Day 11 - Au revoir Copenhagen...

With great sadness in our hearts we packed our bags for home. After a delicious breakfast with Martin we headed for the train to Esbjerg. As we departed the city, snow began to fall and we settled down to review the countryside we had spent 4 days cycling through the week previously. We had some time to kill in Esbjerg so we got some food and drink in the city centre next to a packed ice skating ring. If it hadn't been for all the bags we would have been on the ice like a shot. We boarded the ferry around 6 pm. On board we met yet more copenhagen cyclist/activists. A couple who had cycled to Copenhagen on a tandem and Tom and a couple of scientists who had cycled and got the train to copenhagen for the day of Action. We spent the evening in the bar debating the science and comparing stories.

One of the main topics of discussion was the theory of "climate grief" and the work of Ro Randall director of Cambridge Carbon Footprint and a psychotherapist dealing specifically with the psychological understanding about climate change. Interesting stuff and certainly very timely.


Cambridge Carbon Footprint on Facebook.

Additional details of the concept can be found here.

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